Why Automate?

Peace of mind

1You’re on vacation and you’ve left your home in the care of your house sitter. You don’t have to fret about unlocked doors, an open garage door, lights being left on, and more. All you need is your iPad to see which doors are locked or unlocked, which lights need to be turned off or on, and whether or not you need to shut the garage door.

Ease of use

2A home automation system can be accessed with remote controls, home computers, smart phones and tablets.  All these different interfaces share the same user experience to eliminate the need to learn multiple ways to interact with your system.  You won’t have to ask your kids to turn on the TV anymore … It can’t get any easier.


3A home automation system from Vertex Controls allows you to fuse together your independent systems like entertainment, lighting, temperature control, and security into a single pane of glass with one way to manage everything.  These independent systems can now communicate together in harmony to add value to your lifestyle.

It’s green

4Your utility bills can amount to several hundred dollars a month. A home automation system from Vertex Controls can easily save 10% to 25% on utility costs by turning off lights when you aren’t using them and lowering the thermostat when you aren’t home.  For more green ideas see our blog article 10 Home Automation Tips For Going Green.

Why Vertex?